About Bibimbap

Bibimbap is a very traditional Korean dish that starts with rice on the bottom and is topped with various vegetables, small amount of beef (should be a similar quantity to the veg) and a fried egg that are individually cooked or seasoned to bring out their best flavours. The dish is served at room temperature with a small amount of Seasoned GoChuJang (Korean Hot Sauce). Traditionally this sauce was shared at our dinner table with our children as well as our elderly. The Bibimbap GoChuJang should be slightly sweet, touch sour and not overly spicy so that you can taste the rich flavour of the Korean chilli pepper. There should be more toppings than there is rice so that most of the rice is covered and not too large in quantity.

Bibimbap does not come with side dishes (BanChan). It's all in the Stone Bowl. BanChan does not accompany all Korean dishes. Black Bean noodles, Cold Buckwheat Noodles, Kim Bap, Fried Chicken. All these have just one simple side dish.

We are not 100% traditional here but I don't want to add to the stereotype of Korean food being crazy spicy or that you come to a Korean restaurant for the free BanChan. It's nice to have 10 different BanChan everytime I go to eat Korean and I love going for spicy wings at AllStars but my main thing is to keep my food the way Koreans eat it in Korea.

The non-traditional comes in where we give you a choice of White or Brown rice and also a selection of sauces that range from Spicy to Not Spicy At All. We are still trying to develop a hot sauce that does not kill your tastebuds so that you can still enjoy the individual ingredients in the dish. I know there are many out there that love heat and can handle more than most Koreans can but I believe it is important to be accurate as possible to the traditional way Bibimbap was served decades ago. We use the best stone bowl that we could find from Korea so that your Bibimbap is served sizzling at your table and keep the food warm right until the end of the meal. The Stone Bowls will toast the rice on the bottom to give the rice a crunchy nutty flavour.